Intresseorganisationer / Länklistor


ACCS (ATC Center for Complex Systems)
BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals)
Eurocontrol (Safety of Air)
EWICS (European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems –Reliability, Safety and Security)
HCRQ (System Safety, Software Safety)
HISE (High Integrity Systems Engineering)
HISSA (High Integrity Software Systems Assurance)
IEE Health and Safety
KTH (Safety Research)

Svenska Encressklubben (European Network of Clubs for Reliability and Safety of Software)

SNSS (Svenskt Nätverk för Systemsäkerhet)

SCSC (Safety-Critical Systems Club)
SSS (System Safety Society)
SSS: The German chapter
Usability Net
US Army CECOM (Safety Directorate)
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CSIA (UK Central Sponsor for Info Assurance)
Homeland Security (US)