Air Force System Safety Handbook
ANS Software Lifecycle: Cover, Annex-a, Part I, Part II, Part III
ARINC 651-1 Design Guidance for Integrated Modular Avionics
ARINC 653 Avionics Application Software Standard Interface
DEF (AUST)5679
DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
DO-248B Clarification of DO-178B
DO-255 Requirements Specification for Avionics Computer Resource
DO-278B Guidelines for CNS/ATM System Software Integrity Assurance
H ProgSäk 2001
H ProgSäk E - English edition
H ProgSäk Hjälpmedel och Mallar
IEC 61508
MOD: Acquisition Operating Framework
MOD: Def Stan 00-56 (Requirements)
MOD: Def Stan 00-56 (Guidance)
NASA-STD-8719.13B (SW Safety Standard)
NASA-GB-8719.13 (SW Safety Guidebook)
OOTiA, Handbook för Object Oriented Technology in Aviation
Software System Safety Handbook.pdf
SQUALE Dependability Assessment Criteria (4th draft Jan 1999)
System Safety Related DIDs
US Army: Software System Safety Handbook


Extending System Safety to Software - Some Software Safety Considerations and Challenges
Software in Safety-Critical Applications
Software Safety: Where’s the Evidence?
SP Elektronik: Stds for SW in Safety-Related Applications
The Infeasibility of Quantifying the Reliability of Life-Critical Real-Time Software
Validation of Ultra-High Dependability for Software-based Systems

Herrmann: Software Safety and Reliability

Hollnagel: Barriers and Accident Prevention ISBN 0-7546-4301-8
Leveson: Safeware: System Safety and Computers ISBN 0-201-11972-2
Storey: Safety-Critical Computer Systems ISBN 0-201-42787-7
Publikations- och Diskussionsfora
Computer-related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft
Computer Science Bibliography
Journal of System Safety
Philosophy of Risk
Safety-Critical Systems Club
The Risks Digest